Sunday, May 3, 2020

It's Been A Long Time.

Well...hello everyone out there in blogland. 

Has it really been two years since I have posted here?


I have often visited "old friends" blogs and enjoyed your posts. But, I have been battling breast cancer, so commenting on yours, and posting on my blog has not been a priority.

I am happy to report, that the cancer is gone, and I am once again joining the land of the living.

I just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone. I hope you are all weathering this Covid-19 pandemic well, and are all safe and healthy.

It's good here in my little part of the world, but I am starting to go just a tad crazy from being in the house for...almost 2 months now. 

I have been busy painting! 

Here is my latest.

sharing with Our world Tuesday

~ ~ ~ ~


  1. It is LOVELY to see you, but I am sorry to hear of the reason for your absence. And thrilled you have beaten the beast.
    Love your painting. Wine o'clock is very welcome during the lockdown. Stay safe, stay well.

  2. Hello Karen, wonderful to see you here again, and to know that although you have had this happen, your painting shows you are "YOU" again. Thanks for your visit to me as well, I am fine, Hugh has had a setback too, over an episode of AF, quite scary, 2 nights in hospital, but AOK now. Raining here, still in a lockdpwn, not quite so restricted, but I do all the grocery shopping online, and will do it that way for a while yet. Fond Hello from down in NZ.XXX

  3. It is so nice to see you back but I am sorry to hear of your reasons. Happy for the good news though! I'm glad you are painting - I really like this one!

  4. i am so very happy to see you karen, so very sorry to hear about the if you did not have enough on your plate!! your painting is beautiful, i remember you as a very talented artist!! how is your granddaughter, i remember you had a special name for her but i can't remember what it was...just that it was so sweet!! be well!!

  5. Welcome back - and good for you on the painting! At least you have something lovely to show for it...

  6. Welcome back! So glad you're still with us.

  7. Really nice to have you back and good news that you were able to recover from your bout with cancer. Stay strong, stay safe.

  8. Karen, I just read your news and am glad you are beyond having to fight it. Here's to wonderful things happening to you!

  9. Karen!! I'm so glad you are well again. I love that painting.


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