About Me

So here is a tad of info about me. I hate writing out this stuff, but often people find it interesting, and you always see this on other blogs. If you don't find it interesting, close the page, I won't be offended :)

I am no longer young, I have passed middle age, I am almost a senior. People call me ma'am.

I am someone's partner, mom, gramma, sister, aunt and friend.

I have the cutest dog on the planet, and he means the world to me.

I am retired from paid work outside the home, due to medical reasons. Although I do miss work sometimes, I really enjoy having the time to do what I want.

I am a food aficionado, aka a foodie. I am obsessively interested in all things culinary. My "bible" is Larousse Gastronomique.

I am a vinophile (Italian, vino: wine. French, phile: lover : one having an affinity for).

I love tea and all things tea, so I guess that makes me a teaophile. (English. tea: tea. French, phile: lover: one having an affinity for).

I love the water; streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, oceans. I am happiest when I am near water.

I am not religious but definitely spiritual.

I have a plethora of hobbies, but I will not bore you with them at this time.

I am a collector of sorts...all sorts of stuff!

I own a beautiful walnut 36 string lever harp, and on occasion I can actually eek out a few notes that resemble music.

I have eclectic taste in music, but a couple of genres are just a lot of noise as far as I am concerned. That being hip hop, gangsta, and death metal.

Television and movies are of little interest to me. I prefer living my life to the fullest, rather than watching the simulated stories of other's lives. I have been known to watch FOOD NETWORK MARATHONS though.

I read a lot and prefer non-fiction. I love my Kindle!

I  love to take photos, hence this blog -  PIXEL POSTS.

I also like to write, haiku mostly, so I have another blog - SOMETHING WRITTEN .

I also paint.

I have strong opinions regarding just about everything. I don't think like the majority of society, and I am often misunderstood. I definitely march to the beat of a different drummer, and although this often irks others, I am not bothered by it at all.

Oh ya..I also have Multiple Sclerosis, Transverse Myelitis and Systemic Lupus (but I am really only in it for the parking permit :)  Autoimmunes diseases are like potato chips...you can never have just one!

I am a breast cancer survivor as well.

As the years go by, I find that I am slowing down, so I'm going to meander along the scenic route, because life is all about the journey, not the destination.



  1. Hi Karen, I enjoyed reading your "About Me" post. You have an interesting and full life! It seems we have a few things in common: I love taking photos, I don't watch TV, I enjoy a glass of wine every evening, enjoy iced tea all the time and hot tea in the afternoon, I love different genres of music, especially country, I do love to read, but read mostly fiction and I recently discovered I enjoy trying to write poetry, mostly haiku and tankas. Wishing you the very best!

  2. Fifty is the youth of old age.... I will remember that next year when i turn 50. :)

  3. Hi Karen,
    I do like to know who's behind the blog. For some reason, my About Me page on mvmaithai blog is gone, and I've to tried to resolve it with Blogger, to no avail.

    We have similar interests - like to be near water, enjoy tea, love food/food network, writing, not religious, and becoming a senior. You are more talented. I appreciate art and love music, but cannot paint or play any instrument.

    Anyway, so nice to meet you here!


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