Thursday, June 28, 2018

Beep's Graduation, A Very Proud Grama.

Our granddaughter (Beep) B(etter)K(nown)A(s) Bree,
  graduated from grade 8 last night.
Quite a milestone in all our lives.
The graduate...

Beep with her friends before the grad ceremony.
I have know these "kids" since they were in kindergarten.
She won two awards!
No one in the family knew about them, nor did she, so the photos were snapped very quickly when her name was announced and she walked across the stage.

The first award was "General Proficiency Award"
presented to the student who makes the most complete contribution to the whole life of the school, by participation in all aspects of school life, academics, social and school activities.

The second award was "Art History".
She won the Art History award citywide back in May, for her project on the Canadian artist Tom Thomson.  Oral presentation,  board display, and her original acrylic painting of her interpretation of Thomson's "Jack Pine"
 Beep and her best friend, Sid (who also won an award).
Two delightful young women, embarking on the next stage of their lives...high school!
How bittersweet!
Am I a proud grandma, you bet'cha!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. HUGE congratulations. You must be proud to the point of almost bursting. And what a beautiful girl she is - which is icing on an already delicious cake.

  2. Beep is a beautiful young lady! Congrats Beep!

    Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  3. Beautiful and so grown up already. How does this happen to our grandies?? Proud, beyond what we would have ever imagined way back when they were born.

  4. What??? Last I remember, Beep was a tiny girl spending summers with her Grandmother, learning to paint and blog! How did this happen? (My grands are all grown-up, but it still amazes me how time flies.) Congratulations -- she is a beautiful (and obviously brilliant) young woman. You have every right to be proud!!

  5. A very big congratulations to everyone, Karen!
    What a lovely young lady!


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