Monday, September 4, 2017

Summer's End

Wow, that was fast summer!
It's officially over for us as we arrive home from Crowe River.

Tranquil, serene and very scenic on this little piece of paradise.

Beep mastered the paddle board, and spent a lot of time on and in the river.

One of the many resident critters at the cottage. (White-breasted Nuthatch)

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  1. Beep is growing so fast!!!
    It looks a truly beautiful place and hope the cooler weather to come is kind to you and the dread disease is put back in its box.

  2. Hello, summer went by way too quickly. Cute photo of Beep on the paddle board. Love the cute Nuthatch! Happy Labor Day! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  3. Beep is growing up before our eyes! Now it's back to school for her, grandma!

  4. Beep looks professional on that board! And my gosh she is growing up -- how DOES that happen? (6 grown grandchildren and I still haven't figured that out!)). The nuthatch is adorable -- those little clowns are so cute in their acrobatics.... Summer always goes by too fast (and even though we aren't on any kind of school schedule and haven't been for years, it still seems like the season's over when school starts.)

  5. I for one am happy that we are transitioning into Fall.

  6. Oh what a lovely place and great photos ~ especially of Beep mastering the paddle board ~ thanks, ^_^

    (A Shutterbug Explores)

  7. I really am not sure where summer went this year.
    It just flew by for me, but it was a great summer.
    I hope yours was too.
    Have a wonderful week, Karen!

  8. This summer has gone really quickly! Beep looks so grown up!

  9. Hope you had a good summer Karen. It really did go past far too fast.

  10. nice to have fun with the paddle board. I have tried it once without falling overboard :)

  11. gorgeous captures, nice catch of the nuthatch!! but i know that is not beep, no way, can't be, wow...she grew!!!

  12. Every comment seems to be zooming in on the paddle board, as is mine. Wow! I could never have done that, even 50+ years ago when I was young. I love your scenic tranquility, as well as the feather details of the Nuthatch.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  13. Looks such a lovely place ...
    So nice to see your photographs.

    Happy September Wishes

    All the best Jan

  14. Hello!:) Lovely shots of your granddaughter and the Nuthatch.:)

  15. I have enjoyed my summer AND am ready for fall - we need the precip to dampen the smoke and fires. OK, maybe an Indian summer would be good. Thanks for your lovely shots!

  16. I know summer always go by so fast. It is nice to see you linking into Nature Notes Karen..I hope you are doing well...Love photos...Michelle

  17. It's nice to have that last bit of summer fun before fall and routines. I'm still waiting for spring but there are signs everywhere that it's close.


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