Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Remember Them

I photographed this newly opening poppy in my garden, in brilliant sunlight.
It's a SOOC (straight out of camera) shot, so it's not picture perfect, but I think, quite fitting for Remembrance Day

I am not blogging often, due to time constraints.
I hope to be back regularly in the new year. 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Beautiful, focus, colour, settings, and words. Lovely to see you here today.

  2. Beautiful poppy! Gold Bless the Veterans around the world.
    Enjoy your day!

  3. It is absolutely perfect for the day Karen. Thank you for the brief explanation -- I understand time constraints (even as an old retired lady, old enough to be your mother). Take care -- may you be only in moments that delight and please you in every way!

  4. Lovely shot and very fitting for Veterans day.

  5. Ah, perfect for the day it is indeed, Karen!! And, as you can see, I can't stay away from the computer or the blogs!! I do hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  6. i was surprised to see a post from you again. i do hope you'll keep it up as you can.

  7. It is stunning, Karen. I love how you see things and share them with us.

    I am in constant awe of your pictures, I love visiting you here! ♥

  8. beautiful and so significant!!!!

  9. Sweet shot, and poppies are perfect for Veteran's father hands them out (paper ones) for the VFW.


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