Friday, December 16, 2011

O Christmas Tree - Weekend Reflections

Hubbers left his laptop on the ottoman. I am always reminding him to put his stuff away when he's done. I am glad he forgot this time, it made for a great shot!

See what's reflecting around the world

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  1. Karen girl now how great is this ?
    What a gorgeous Christmas tree you have! .. and what a perfect reflection to catch !
    PS .. I have been a little stretched .. trying to climb back up on the horse type thing ? LOL

  2. Wow! That looks like a mini gallery of Christmas! Beautiful!

  3. That is terrific, Karen! What a wonderful reflection shot for the season! Maybe you should encourage him to leave it laying around -- no telling what kind of clever reflections you would get!! Fun one for the day! Hope you both have a great weekend!


  4. Oh that is clever, that tree looks awesome.

  5. That would make an interesting screen saver!

  6. Wow Karen you are very creative. I like that photo. ^_^ Thanks for the visit and happy weekend!

  7. it is a wonderful picture but now i want to see the whole tree, it looks like a beautiful tree. perhaps you have posted a picture and i missed it, i am a tad behind.

    ps...i am distracted by the couch, i LOVE it!!

  8. Wow, wonderful and creative photo, love it!
    What a beautiful tree.
    And I'm distracted by the couch too, it's beautiful!
    Have a great weekend.

  9. Fantastic reflections shot, your tree looks great too!

  10. Oh, Wow! Awesome shot! Thanks for your compliment on my little birdhouse :)
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. Wow, yes it's really a great shot !

  12. geeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!!! how GOOD is that capture!! incredible work, well done! .. and perfectly topical too!! *VBS*

  13. Wonderful capture!
    An yes, sometimes it is much better to see the positive side of things;o)

    Have a great weekend****

  14. What a wonderful image!! I love it!

  15. fantastic photo!!
    looks like a magazine cover
    love your tree
    and your sofa

  16. Wonderful reflections, a unique shot.

  17. this is my favorite weekend reflection shot this week! your tree is stunning. it gives me the determination to put all white lights on next year. I wanted colored this time around, but this has sealed the deal for next year. I think white lights sparkle so brightly. hope you're well Karen. take good care now, and happy week to you.

  18. Bela foto, moderno cartão postal de natal.



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