Friday, January 21, 2011

All In A Row - Black and White Weekend

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We went for a walk along the river yesterday. A cold grey day, with flurries in the air. I managed to snap this shot before our footsteps startled the geese, and sent them into flight. I like the two non comformists out of line.

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  1. awesome one, and perfect for monochrome!

  2. perfection. Love the detail and design of this.

  3. Brilliant! They seem to be organised for you!

  4. Lovely pictures, maybe the two in front are "watchdogs"?...;-D

  5. ...or maybe they just want to keep the others between them and that cold stuff ;) Fine shot.

  6. beautiful B&W!
    I like the non conformists too
    I always do :)

    love the shot of Tucker below
    he is a beautiful boy

  7. I love this shot. The reflections are great.

  8. I'm the one inline, but facing a different direction. Sort of 'complying' :-)

    Great timing!

  9. Excellent black and white in content and composition, very good.

  10. Great shot for the black and white weekend.

  11. Wow, I'm so amazed with your shot here... Perfect :)

    Thanks for dropping by, Karen

  12. These is such eye candy with the geese and I laughed at the non conformists too ! .. it is almost a black and white shot .. it would look amazing in "warmfly" too !
    I found warmfly a lot softer than sepia with most shots .. Do you ever use Picasa ? it comes with Google/Blogger accounts .. I use an old ACDSee and Picasa as my photo management programs (simplistic so my brain won't explode ? LOL)
    Great shot girl !
    Joy : )

  13. For now, I stop by this stunning image in black and white. It is a beautiful composition. Wonderful work.
    After 5 months in this blog word, I do not know if it means anything, but I am very impressed. Like your blog very much. In my eyes - this is great work.


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