Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pet Pride - Merfy


I'm Merfy. I'm joining a group of new friends over at Pet Pride.
Click here, it will take you to Bozo's site, where you can join in.

I have a blog of my own too, where I yap about dog stuff.
I call it... Chasing Squirrels In My Sleep, because I always dream about that. And in my dreams, I actually catch 'em.


Sylvia K said...

Merfy, you're really a cutie! And you're my size, too! With all the big dogs around me these days, I could use a same size friend!!

Sam Schnauzer

Gary said...

We're having a storm up here, maybe a bit more than you look like you're having. Boom & Gary of Vermilon River.

Merf and Karen said...

Hey Sam,
Yep we are just about the same must be a Rottweiler/wolf cross like me!

Hi Gary and Boom,
We got a heap of snow last week, almost 3 feet.

Thanks for stopping by.

Gary said...

I went to Western about a 100 years ago, and London was a big snow belt then. Boom & Gary of The Vermilon River.

Serline said...

Why such a serious face, Merfy? Enjoy!

jabblog said...

Merfy, it's good to see you have a nice warm coat to wear in the icy cold.

The Chair Speaks said...

Hi Merfy, you look good in that sweater.

lisaschaos said...

Such a cutie!